Enterprise & Government

Providing the best technical solutions in Data Networking, Server Storage, Security, Unified Communications and Video Conferencing infrastructure, Correct Comms is able to address the modern concerns of large enterprises and government, including adaptive security, application availability and data storage.

Utilizing a robust project management scheme, Correct Comms is able to efficiently constructs and deploy new systems within government and large enterprises that meet the requirements of the enterprise and allow for greater productivity and improved security.

Our Services

Network Routing & Switching

The network is the core of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. With the reality of national and international branch offices, a well-structured network has become a major concern for large enterprises and government departments.


Incorporating a structured model of data routing and switching, Correct Comms will implement a system that will maximise network efficiency and remain completely scalable and flexible as the situations for growth or change arise.

Wireless & Mobility

With a substantial shift in technology regarding wireless networks and mobile data, the expectation for universal availability has become a leading requirement for the IT infrastructure. Key business applications and data can now be accessed from outside of the office and on your personal devices, allowing for employees to expand their range of work and productivity.


Correct Comms provides the best technical solution available to address these requirements, creating an environment that maximises availability for employees, as well as providing security in the form of device trust and management.


Integrated applications for mobile phones and tablets will expand on the current enterprise capabilities and allow for greater availability than what was previously in place. The flexibility of universal access and the wireless infrastructure will lead to a more cost-effective and efficient work space.

Network Security & Firewalls

A growing concern with large network infrastructures is the ability to keep them secure from malicious attacks and data theft, as well as the possibility of corporate espionage in the form of a complete network hack. The legacy firewall systems of old can no longer provide a complete solution to this problem.


Utilizing the best next-generation (application-aware) firewalls, Correct Comms will implement a network security infrastructure that will protect your network through multiple security layers and encryption standards, preventing such attacks from making it past the network gateway.


Through the addition of a secure firewall system, malicious attacks will be halted at the barrier, leading to a secure network that will not be subject to data theft and remote access attacks.

Unified Communication & IP Contact Centres

Collaboration technologies have quickly become an important aspect of large enterprises and government departments. The ability to combine phone, messaging and conferencing together into one unified system has seen the potential for productive communication environments to expand considerably.


Allowing for streamlined internal communication through instant messaging, as well as integrated video conferencing into everyday applications, unified communications has given enterprises a new model for managing time and efficiency


Also, by implementing a VOIP phone system, enterprises can setup contact centres to manage incoming customer calls and maintain customer service levels through managed lines and integrated applications that allow for better relationships management.

Video Conferencing

The need to be able to meet from anywhere and at any time has become increasingly evident in today’s enterprise environment. With technologies making leaps and bounds, this capability is becoming an expectation for large enterprises and governments.


Comms provides a complete video conferencing solution, that is both easily managed and always available, whether the requirement is for large-scale conferencing or simple face-to-face collaborations.

Servers, Storage & Virtualisation

With a growing need for more efficient methods of storage, as well as the growing capabilities for data centre virtualisation, enterprises are seeing the opportunity to be able to store more data, in a smaller box.


Correct Comms provides the best technical solution available in virtualised environment infrastructure.. Allowing for a large portion of previously required hardware to now be virtualised into the main data centre, the physical space required is minimized whilst the available storage and performance is maximised.


Allowing for global federations to be created, with the separate data centres all connected and managed from a single point, Correct Comms eliminates the need for overpriced security setups and storage centres, allowing enterprises to make savings on their infrastructure setup.